American Baby Names: The Melting Pot

American baby names span the globe. Credit: Corbis
Mirroring the diversity of America's melting pot society, American baby names often reflect the...
Mirroring the diversity of America's melting pot society, American baby names often reflect the makeup of our nation. But, like a carnival fun house, some of those reflections often distort the true nature of the original image.

Modern Baby Names for Boys

Is Jacob from "Twilight" the inspiration behind your baby boy's name? Credit: Peter Kramer, AP
Once a popular biblical name, the name Jacob has ex...
Pop culture may be driving name trends, but many modern names have more traditional roots.

Baby Music: Will Mozart Make Your Baby Smarter?

Will playing Mozart for your newborn inspire your child? Credit: Getty
You've got the car seat installed, the diaper bag packed and the nurser...

Organic Baby Food: Online Sources

Open wide! Credit: Getty
Organic baby food has ridden a recent popularity wave due to restrictions on chemical toxins used during its cultivat...

Baby Photographer: How to Take Great Shots of Your Newborn

Be ready to react when taking baby photos. Credit: Getty
Smeared chunks of pureed banana frame your baby's smiling mouth as tiny fingers paint...

Baby Baskets: Safe for Your Newborn?

A Moses basket, such as this style by Tiddliwinks, can keep baby close while letting Mom be hands-free. Credit:
A baby basket can be a...


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