Activities: Tweens


How to Play: Ranter-Go-Round

Poker chips serve as "lives" in this game. What you need: A standard deck of playing cards and tokens (poker chips, candy, pennies). An...Be the last remaining player with a life or lives.

How to Play: Out of the Water

Toss the garbage! Credit: Alexander Joe, AFP/Getty Images What you need: You will need a long rope (about 30 feet),...Throw your balls in the trash can but don't get tied up!

How to Play: Blind Man's Bluff

No peeking! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A blindfold and a spacious area (outdoors or a large room).
How to play: Designate o...
All you need is a blindfold and a spacious area (outdoors or a large room).

How to Play: Cakewalk

Cakewalks are popular at fundraisers. Credit: Getty Images What you need: A path of up to 20 numbered squares, music to play during the...This game of chance has a sweet prize!

How to Play: Forcing the City Gates

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this Red Rover-like game. Credit: Getty Images What you need: All you need is enough children to form t...This is the Chinese New Year variation of Red Rover.

Video Games Make Kids Fat? Well, Yes and No

Playing interactive video games helps kids stay fit. Credit: Getty Images
Playing video games makes kids fat.
So say researchers at ...
Studies offer two different views on video games and obesity. But are they really that different?

How to Play: Knocking the Stick

Knock the stick over the line to win. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Two sticks and chalk for drawing lines.
How to play: Draw ...
Throwing sticks? What is there not to like about that?

How to Play: Hearts

Do you heart hearts? Credit: Getty Images What you need: Four players and a standard deck of playing cards. How to ...Don't get stuck with the hearts or the ace of spades.


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