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'Mommy' Wants Her Wine, Vinters Battle Over Trademark

Mommy's Time Out is now trademarked. Credit: Getty Images Can't anyone give moms a break? Do we really need to make a federal case out ...Courts to decide if "mommy" can be trademarked.

Baby Gets Alcohol by Mistake at Applebee's

At first, he got really, really sleepy and put his head down on the table. A few minutes later, he was chattering away -- saying hello to ev...
Mixed-up juice order leads to baby bender.

Even an Occasional Drink Early in Pregnancy Can Cause Premature Birth, Study Shows

A new study may cause you to rethink drinking while you're pregnant. Credit: Getty Images Step away from the chardonnay. The debat...Step away from the chardonnay.

Teen Drug Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy on an Upswing

Drug and alcohol use are on the upswing among teens. Credit: Getty Images Just when you thought you could take a breather from stressin...Ecstasy use among teens is up 70 percent since 2008.

Teens Crusade to Stomp Out Smoking in Chicago-Area Public Parks

Illinois teens are working to prohibit tobacco use in public parks. Credit: Getty Images Nothing like taking a springtime escape outsid...Illinois teens are working to prohibit tobacco use in public parks.

Rich Teens Drink More, While Poor Teens Choose to Smoke, Study Shows

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Teen smoking and drinking is tied to parents' wealth, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Teens ju...
Turns out affluence and alcohol consumption go hand-in-hand for the teen set.

Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Parents have mixed feelings about serving alcohol to teens at home. Credit: Getty At some point, most parents will confront the issue o...Many parents do supply their teens with alcohol -- at least some of the time.

Do You Serve Your Children Alcohol at Home?

In France, many children drink alcohol at home. Credit: Martin Bernetti, AFP/Getty Images The Wall Street Journal has a story where the...A study finds that nearly 6 percent of 12- to 14-year-old have had a drink at home in the past month.


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