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CDC: Look Before You Leap Into Dirty Public Pools

Everbody into the pool? Not quite. Credit: Mohammed Ballas, AP
ATLANTA (AP) - You might want to look before you leap into a public swimming pool t...

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Canned Foods, Study Says

If you're pregnant, kick the cans. Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images
Pregnant women should avoid or limit their intake of canned foods, which c...
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Recall Remedy

Credit: ZarBee's
After last week's recall, many moms aren't sure which children's medications are safe. But if your little one has a cough,...

Drop-Side Crib Problems Kill at Least 32 Children

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. WASHINGTON (AP) - At least 32 young children have strangled or suffocated in the past nine ye...

Feds Investigate Pampers Complaints

WASHINGTON (AP) - Government safety officials are looking into a handful of reports of severe rashes caused by new types of Pampers diapers. The ...

FDA Found Bacteria in Recalled Tylenol

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ingredients used by Johnson & Johnson in some of the 40 varieties of children's cold medicines recalled last week were contami...
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Gap Issues Recall of Baby Swimsuits Over Choking Risk

Gap Inc. announced a recall of baby swimsuits in the U.S. and Canada because a design flaw can potentially cause a child to strangle, the U.S. Consu...

Government Announces Two Big Crib Recalls

The government recalled thousands of Simplicity (shown above) and Graco cribs Thursday, warning that babies could suffocate or strangle in them.Cred...


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