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Miracle Girl Survives Fight With Rabies

The survival rate for rabies -- unless the virus is attacked early and aggressively -- is practically zero. Credit: Getty Images An old...Rabies is rare and almost always fatal, doctors say.

Terminally Ill Teen's Bucket List Inspires Donations Worldwide

Swim with sharks. Travel to Kenya. Star in a photo shoot. Go whale watching. Get a purple iPad. Get everyone to sign up to be a bone marrow donor....Alice Pyne's blog went viral this week, as donations flood in.

Girl, 7, Becomes Famous Artist By Mistake

Leilah Poulain holds her painting that is on display at London's Saatchi Gallery. Credit: Adam Gray,
Listen very closely.
Mother accidentally enters daughter's winning entry in big-league art contest.

Boy Delivers Motivational Speech After Learning to Ride His Bike

We adore this little boy, who gives hope to any kid who has ever failed at riding a bike with an inspirational speech to rival the best rhetoric out t...In perhaps the most inspirational address since Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I had a dream" speech, this little boy gives hope to any kid who has ever failed at riding a bike.

Kids Answer: What Do Parents Really Do at Work?

On April 28, AOL celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day in a big way to show kids that work is not just a mythical place where people in suit...Our 7-year-old adorable reporter asks kids what they think their parents do at work. The answers are hilarious!

'The Girl's Guide to Homelessness' Author Brianna Karp Offers Advice to Young People on the Streets

Brianna Karp tells the story of how she got off the streets in "The Girl's Guide to Homelessness." Credit: Harlequin Brianna Karp thoug...Brianna Karp tells the story of how she got off the streets in "The Girl's Guide to Homelessness."

Boy, 9, Hailed as Hero After Rescuing His Little Sister From Drowning

Tristin Saghin, 9, and his family were visiting their grandmother in Mesa, Ariz., when the worst happened: His 2-year-old sister fell into the ...
The boy started CPR on his sister after she fell in their grandmother's backyard pool.

Even a Quick Cat Nap Could be Deadly for 12-Year-Old Boy

Bedtime stories and soothing lullabies are anything but relaxing for 12-year-old Liam Derbyshire and his parents. When Liam goes to sleep, he has t...The boy suffers from a condition that stops him from drawing breath automatically.


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