Amazing Parents


Crikey! It's the Australian Mutant Ninja Mamas!

Fed up with street crime, Australian mothers are taking up jujitsu and getting ready to kick some serious butt. Credit: Getty Images
"M" is for ...

Mom With Liver Transplant To Defend Her Medal in U.S. Games

Lauren Donkar, right, with her daughter Allie and her husband Nick. Courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation
When 32-year-old Lauren Donkar of A...

Blind Couple Reunited With Baby Taken Away by State

Erika Johnson and Blake Sinnett's daughter, Mikaela Sinnett, was returned to them after 57 days in foster care. Credit: David Eulitt, Kansas City St...

Woman Having Babies from 2 Separate Wombs

Video Courtesy of
Angie Cromer got pregnant -- while she was pregnant. The Murray, Utah, woman was born with two uteruses. That ...

Leigh Anne Tuohy, Mom Who Inspired 'The Blind Side,' Talks Parenting

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the couple behind "The Blind Side." Credit: Mark Tucker
Most women would feel a bit intimidated if, upon opening thei...

Jay Z Ain't Got Nuthin' on This New Dad State of Mind

As we head off into the holiday weekend, we salute all new parents, who lost their independence the day their children were born. Welcome t...

Grandpa Gaga Going Viral (And Makes Us Proud!)

We're easily impressed when little kids do amazing things, but when a full-fledged, been-around-the-block-a-few-times grown-up does something ...

Daddy Comic's Parody of Billy Joel Video Starts a Fire All His Own

A really good comedian has an excellent grasp of history. At least enough to entertain us. So when funny guy Bruce Fine came up with the idea ...


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