A Little Time Apart Can Shield Toddlers from Mom's Depression

Credit: Getty Images
If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
Fortunately, research has discovered a way to keep toddler's from gett...
Study recommends formal child care to give mother and child "time out."

Planning for Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it, and our little ones are counting down the days until school lets out. When that happens, families will hav...When school's out, families have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care.

Are You Paying for Day Care or a Human TV Remote?

This probably doesn't happen often -- your kids are more likely in front of the TV. Credit: Getty Images Who lives in a pineapple under...Researchers find many day care centers rely on TV rather than human interaction.

Use Online Tools to Find Baby Sitter Jobs

Mother's helper. Credit: Getty Images
Babysitting ain't what it used to be.
Once upon a time, you watched the neighborhood ...
Baby sitter seeking work? Use the Web to find potential jobs.

Would You Ever Use a Nanny Cam?

Some parents believe you can never be too careful. Credit: Getty Images You may have heard the story about Anneliese Brucato, the nanny...

Adventures in Baby-Sitting: Employees Expected to Watch Boss's Kids

In "The Devil Wears Prada," Anne Hathaway had to deal with Meryl Streep's coat. In real life, she'd have to babysit, too. Credit: Ashriber...The separation of cubicle and cradle is narrowing as a growing number of entry-level Manhattan women are finding that in order to get ahead in their careers, they better "volunteer" to babysit their boss's kids.
Credit: Getty Images

How to Childproof Your Windows

Do you have a minute (OK, a minute and eight seconds?) Good. Now watch this video on window safety from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an...Are your windows childproofed? Watch this video and see what you need to do to protect your kids.

Are Tweens Really Ready to Babysit?

Even if they have training, are tweens really ready to watch your baby? Credit: Getty Images
Thrilled that your neighbor's kid is finally old enou...
Hiring a tween to babysit your child? She may be too busy watching Nick Teen to do a good job.


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