Wake up, sleepyhead!

Our friends over at MomLogic have broached a subject that many of us will soon be dealing with: getting the kids off the summer schedule and back on t...

Back-to-school changes parents' routines too

Shortly after school let out last spring, our schedule began to slide. The kids' normally strict bedtime began inching back, and now they're often up ...

The long, sordid tale of E.B. White's "Stuart Little"

After a bedtime routine of bath, brushing teeth, and book reading, my daughters still often resist settling in under getting under the covers and sett...

DailyDish: Establish a bedtime ritual

Got a youngster who doesn't seem to understand "going to bed" means sleeping? Take a hint from your four-legged friends!...

Shower baby with books

It's not unusual for expectant mothers to be given more than one baby shower in anticipation of a new arrival, which can quickly translate into more o...

How to halt bedtime delay tactics

I think it's easy to underestimate the manipulation tactics of a two-and-a-half year old. After all, most of them can't properly form their words, the...

The boy who cried I'm HUNGRY

My picky-eater toddler seems to be surviving mostly on air and sippy cup contents lately. Dinner will often involve several foods offered and subseque...

Crazy for lovin' you

This morning I was yawning over my cereal bowl and wishing that instead of drinking cup after cup of coffee in an attempt to become sentient enough to...


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