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Worried About Your Child's School-Related Anxieties? Here's How to Help

Take your child's concerns seriously. Credit: Getty Images
Most parents anticipate a certain level of back-to-school jitters for our kids, and eve...
By knowing what to expect, parents can help their children deal with worries they might not understand themselves.

From Hip-Hop to Zydeco: A World of Difference in Kid's Music

Whatever genre you want, you can find it in children's music. Illustration: Christopher Healy
Once upon a time, children's music was nothing...
Nowadays, it's hard to find a genre that the family music scene hasn't touched upon, so your child's musical education can be as widely varied as you like.

How to Help Children of Depressed Parents Cope

Credit: Getty Images
Depression in children is very serious. At any given time, 5 percent of children age 9 to 17 meet the criteria for major...
In many cases, the root of childhood depression can be found in the people with whom they are closest.

Goodbye Junk Food? School Study Finds Teaching Good Nutrition Can Change Kids' Food Choices

Not every bite-size, crunchy snack is loaded with fat and calories. Credit: Getty Images
Who knew if you offered a kid broccoli and apple sticks...
Sounds shocking, but this study found if you teach kids about good nutrition, they'll actually want to eat their veggies. Dig in!

Foot Odor-Fighting Superhero Out to Sell Shoes? FCC Is Investigating

This image provided by Skechers shows characters from a new children's television show called Zevo-3, produced by the Skechers shoe company and sche...The Washington Post reports cynics at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood complained to the FCC that the cartoon "Zevo-3," set to debut Oct. 11, is nothing more than a half-hour shoe commercial.

What Teachers Wish Parents Knew

The most effective way parents can help their children do their best in school is to offer continual support and encouragement of learning. But ...The most effective way parents can help their children do their best in school is to offer continual support and encouragement of learning.
How Bad?

Child Cries to Get Her Way - How Bad?

A letter came in from a father recently, and the part that stood out was: "My wife has a habit of just letting things go where I feel there might...
Ask AdviceMama

'I'm Not Going to School and You Can't Make Me!'

As the new school year begins, more than a few children are struggling with first day jitters. Some may go so far as to dig in their heels, refusing...


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