Behavior: Teens


Try This: How Do You Keep Your Kids Away From the Wrong Crowd?

You can only make your child's play dates for so long until the time comes when they become their own social coordinators. It's out of your h...
Moms give tips on how they keep tabs on their children's social lives.

Try This: How Do You Punish a Teenager?

Your rebellious teenager is acting up and you know that banning dessert or giving timeouts won't work anymore. So, now what? When it come...
Moms chime in on what works.

New Car Technology Does the Parenting for You

Your trust your teen to drive, but can they really make their own music choices? Credit: Getty Images It is an all-too-common scenari..."Knight Rider" meets "My Mother, the Car" with 21st century nanny tech.

This Holiday Season, Let Them Be Kids

A woman who attended my workshop took me aside to tell me about her son and his friend. They are 15, and the friend was dealing with some really upset...Teens are under so much pressure to behave older than they feel that it is a complete relief when they can allow themselves to let their hair down and really relax with their friends. And sometimes it makes them feel happy and comfortable to play like little kids.

The Brat Pack: Kids Are Simply Angels in Disguise, Parents Think

Your perfect baby isn't so flawless. Credit: Jerome Tisne, Getty Images
Hey parents, next time you're at the mall shopping for "Santa's" gifts (li...
Your perfect baby? Not so perfect.
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My Teenage Daughter Was My Best Friend, and Now She's a Terror!

Dear AdviceMama, It seems like overnight my only child and best friend can't stand me. How is it that my 16-year-old girl can treat me so poorly wh...First, let me say in big, bold letters: Your daughter cannot be your best friend.

Report Looks at Internet as Influence in Suicides

Rutgers students attend a candlelight vigil for suicide victim Tyler Clementi. Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan, AP
The increase in the number of repo...
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggest the possibility of a growing phenomenon, according to a new report.

Study: Half of Teens Admit Bullying in Last Year

Half of teens admit bullying in past year. Credit: AP
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Half of high school students say they've bullied someone in the p...
In the survey, 10 percent of teens admitted bringing a weapon to school at least once, and 16 percent admitted being drunk at school.


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