Behavior: Toddlers & Preschoolers


Father's Involvement During Pregnancy Found to be Critical to Infant's Survival

Healthier babies are born to dads that stick around. Credit: Getty Images
Babies whose fathers are absent during pregnancy are four times more l...

Tips on Preparing Pets for Baby's Arrival

Kitty, meet baby. Credit: Getty Images
Everyone knows that the arrival of a new baby requires major adjustments by everyone in a household. But wh...

More Than Half of Pediatricians Make Diagnostic Errors, Study Says

Don't be afraid to ask your pediatrician questions or get a second opinion. Credit: Getty Images
Maybe it's time to rethink that age-old "doctor...

'Breast is Best' Campaign Sends Wrong Message, Advocates Say

Some believe breast may not be best Credit: Getty Images
"Breast is best." OK, so "Sonnets from the Portugese" it's not. But hey, it rhymes. Th...

Which Is More Delicious? There's No Contest, as Far as We're Concerned

A scrumptious baby tops a cake any day. Credit: Courtesy of Amy Preiser
Is it okay to eat a piece of cake that's bigger than your grandchild's...

Hiring a Baby Sitter? Here Are the Questions to Ask

Ask the right questions to find the right caregiver. Credit: Getty Images
Finding the right person to care for your precious little ones can b...

Amazing Dad: Ken Bihn

Ken Bihn with wife Julie, and daughters Bailey, right, and Dakota, in the stroller, enjoying a day of football last November. Credit: Courtesy of Ke...

Amazing Dad: Darryl Gibbs

Darryl Gibbs holds a photo of his daughter Cynthia, who died as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Credit: The Cynthia Gibbs Foundation and Clear Cha...


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