Community Warned Its Kids Are Making Explosives

Novato School District officials sent emails to parents in the northern California community warning kids are making homemade bombs. Credi...Bottles filled with chemicals are literally exploding in popularity.

Having Bipolar Parents Can Be (Who Knew?) Stressful

Imagine dealing with the vacillations and contradictions of someone else's bipolar disorder when you're a kid. Credit: Getty Images Par...Researchers measure stress levels in children of bipolar parents.

Kneel Before Zod? Most Parents Aren't That Strict, According to Test

You may think they're mean but it turns out, most parents aren't that strict. Credit: Getty Images
"Kneel before Zod!"
Say what you ...
Parents say they want to be strict without being supervillains.

Crying as a Baby May Lead to Lifetime of Behavioral Problems

Watch Video Related to Calming Crying Babies!
Parents should help babies learn to soothe themselves. Credit: Getty Images Singing "hu...
Babies who wake and cry in the night may develop behavioral problems as they grow.

First-Born Boys Demand More Mommy Time

Baby boys demand more attention from moms than baby girls. Credit: Getty Images Women have thought for years that men are really more h...A study confirms that little boys want mommy all to themselves.

10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Watch a video on recognizing signs of ADHD.
What are the warning signs of ADHD? Credit: Getty Images Are you alarmed that your daug...
How do you distinguish between normal kid behaviors and those that indicate your child may have ADHD?

Explaining ADHD to Others

Credit: Getty Images Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder -- like when your child has a meltd...Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder-- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line--are not easily understood.

Emotional First Aid Kit: Q&A With Gerald Koocher, PhD

Don't forget to stock your emotional first aid kit. Credit: Ciano Design Most parents have Band-Aids at the ready for the inevitable sc...Stock your parenting first aid kit with tools for treating emotional scrapes like a first crush, cyberbullying, step-sibling rivalry.


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