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My Son's Tantrums Leave Me Exhausted!

Dear AdviceMama, I have a 9-year-old son, and three and 2-year-old daughters. My son has had a temper since he was a baby. I thought his tantrums would end by 4 years, but they are getting worse. He throws tantrums for everything: He scr...
Looking after three young children is tough already, but having one who frequently has tantrums will wear down even the saintliest parent.

Parents Quit Smoking (For Awhile) When Kids Have Surgery

Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids. Credit:Noel Celis, Getty Images Parents who smoke are more likely to quit if their child goes through surgery, a study shows. They worry about the effect secondhand smoke w...Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids.

Surviving a Family Road Trip: Top 5 Tips

Walley World! Credit: Noel Hendrickson, Getty Images Planning for a family road trip can feel like planning for a major military operation -- all that laundry and packing, plus all those lists and tasks, can make you long for a vacatio...We asked parents and experts for their top tips for surviving a family road trip, and with their help you really can make getting there half the fun.

Where's Waldo Website

Where's Waldo has a website. Credit:
Remember the "Where's Waldo" books, where you had to spot the bespectacled fellow amid a busy, colorful scene?
Well, the red and white-capped dude is back, this time with a websit...
Waldo is taking his hiding game online with a new website.

Candy May Not Make You All That Fat, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
Candy makes kids fat, right?
Ha! Wrong, Captain Tofu! Revenge could be sweet for the candy crowd. The Vancouver Sun reports a new study finds kids who eat candy weigh less and are less likely be overweight th...
Study funded by candy makers says candy's not that bad for you.

July 4th Crafts for Kids: Tie-Dye T-Shirts and Pinwheels

A little red, white and blue style, and you're all set for a festive July 4. Credit: Gina Provenzano Make Independence Day festivities even more of a blast with DIY patriotic paper pinwheels and tie-dye T-shirts. Summer celebratio...Kids can show their own independence making unique crafts.

Study Attempts Accurate Portrait of Spanking

70 percent of college-educated women spank their kids while 90 percent of all parents believe in the practice. Credit: Getty Images
Sometimes you have to smack a kid.
Sure, some liberal hippie parents pitch a fit whenever a kid is s...
Real-world incidents of corporal punishment discreetly recorded.

Top 10 Social Sites for Kids

Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter aren't the only cool social networking sites on the Web. But before you register for any of these sites, be sure to read our Social Networking Tips and share them with your kid, so the whole family is on the sa...Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter aren't the only cool social networking sites on the Web.


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