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Paper Chains Are a Fun Way to Start a Birthday Countdown

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1... Birthday! Credit: Big Day Chains
Big Day Chains puts a new spin on an old tradition with its 30-day countdown chain...

Tips for Planning a Family Summer Vacation

Oh, Mickey, you're so fine! Credit: Raymond Brown, Flickr
You've kept the kids' summer schedule busy with trips to the pool, the movie theater a...

Alternative Summer Sports Activities for the Entire Family

NASCAR star Matt Kenseth and his family enjoy a day at the race track. Credit: Getty Images
You've practically been living at the swimming pool, t...

TLC's 'Table for 12' Hayes Family Prepares for a Puppy

When you have two sets of twins and a set of sextuplets like Betty and Eric Hayes of TLC's "Table for 12," you have a pretty full house. Not full ...

Summer Birthday Parties: 5 Fun Ideas

Summer birthdays mean you can take the party outside. Credit: Getty Images
Birthdays are so much fun for kids to celebrate at school -- you ge...

How to Play: Jump Rope Water Splash

Jump rope without spilling any water. Credit: Corbis
What you need: You need a jump rope, plastic cups, and water. How to play: Give each chi...

Links We Love: Grab Bag Edition

Chug it, dude! Credit: Getty
The kids are out of school and we're busy looking for ways to while the day away without losing our marbles. When...

How to Play: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the tail, or the horn, or the ... Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A poster of a donkey with a missing tail, paper tails, thumbtacks and a...


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