How to Play: Hot Potato

Pass the "hot potato" to play this classic game. Credit: jupiterimages
What you need: A group of children and an item (such as a ball, book or toy...
Dish Picks

Party Paper

Rad invites, reasonable prices. Credit: 9spotmonk
In search of sweet and special invitations for your tot's birthday party? Get the look of lett...
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Score Some Swag

String up a little sunshine. Credit: Robert Mahar
A little garland can go a long way in decorating or entertaining. One sweet string will fill a...

10 Tips for Throwing a Birthday Theme Party

Birthdays. The kids keep having them. And from the age of five, we've allowed each to celebrate by inviting friends to a birthday party in our home. A...

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way for kids to have fun at a birthday party or playgroup. When planning your treasure hunt you will need to consider where...
How Bad?

Caffeinated Tea Party: How Bad?

Using caffeinated tea at your children's tea parties is just fine. Credit: Rick Takagi, Flickr
What 5-year-old doesn't love a tea party? But there...

Mom Arrested After Using Teen as Human Bungee Cord

Jackie Denise Knott was arrested after police spotted her daughter riding on top of her moving minivan. Credit: Albertville Police Dept.
An Alabam...

Dressed to The Nines: Baby Arrives at 9 a.m. on 9/9/09, Weighing 9 Pounds

Henry Michael Berendes came into the world wearing his birthday suit, but he was still dressed to the 9s. The LaCrosse Tribune in Wisconsin reports th...


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