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Suspense Writer James Patterson Takes on Middle School Set

Credit: Amazon
James Patterson's books often deal with murder, mayhem and the truly dark corners of human experience.
In his latest ...
James Patterson embarks on mission to get kids to read.

Summer Reading Classics

Nothing says summer like settling in with a good book. Whether your kid has an official summer reading list or just wants to take a virtual vacation c...A list of some of our favorite summer reading classics that is sure to help pass the time when it's too hot out to do anything but read.

Rapper 50 Cent Gives His Two Cents on Bullying in New Book

50 Cent is trying his hand at rhyming, not for a song though, a children's book. Credit: Getty Images Rapper 50 Cent has a simple solut...Rapper coming out with a book for teens on bullying? Ooo, is there going to be a knife fight?

Dr. Oz's 25 Things Every Teen Should Do for a Happy, Healthy Life

Credit: Amazon Raising a teenager can be a lot of hard work (Phil had four teenaged boys when I married him!). Luckily, Dr. Oz has writ...Dr. Oz has written an "owners manual" for parents of teens – YOU: The Owner's Manual for Teens: A Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life. Take a look and share with your teen!

Funny Books, Movies, Games and More: What We Love for a Laugh

There's nothing better than when your kids actually develop their own sense of humor. Credit: Getty Images All parents remember their ba...Keep them laughing with funny books, TV shows, movies and games.

'The Girl's Guide to Homelessness' Author Brianna Karp Offers Advice to Young People on the Streets

Brianna Karp tells the story of how she got off the streets in "The Girl's Guide to Homelessness." Credit: Harlequin Brianna Karp thoug...Brianna Karp tells the story of how she got off the streets in "The Girl's Guide to Homelessness."

Librarians Come Out With List of Most-Challenged Books, Gay Penguins?

Credit: Amazon Gay penguins are rather unusual in children's literature, but you have to admit they would have really spiced up "The ...Gay penguins are apparently much worse than sparkly vampires.

New Dr. Seuss Book Featuring 7 Rarely Seen Stories to Publish This Fall

Credit: Amazon Parents who wish they could expand their Dr. Seuss libraries will be thrilled to know seven rarely seen books the famous...The stories were published in magazines in the early 1950s.


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