Breast-Feeding Impacts a Child's Metabolism, Study Finds

Study finds another benefit to breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images We know breast milk is the preferred method of feeding a newborn, b...Breast-fed babies showed lower blood insulin levels than formula-fed newborns.

Will Bacon Baby Formula Sizzle in Sales?

Could bacon-flavored formula for baby be the new superfood? Credit: Getty Images
Mom bringing home the bacon is taking on a whole new...
Guess who moms are bringing home the bacon for? Babies.

Did Veganism and Alternative Medicine Kill Breast-Fed Baby?

An 11-month-old baby's death in France was blamed on breast-feeding and the mother's vegan diet. Credit: Getty Images Despite the incre...The case has attracted considerable attention in Europe.

Breast Milk May Serve as Personalized Breast Cancer Screen, Study Says

Breast cancer risk can be determined by examining the cells from the breast. Credit: Getty Images Pumping your breast milk is not only ...Breast milk can uncover the earliest signs of breast cancer.

Small Doses of Vicodin OK for Breast-Feeding Moms, Study Says

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Breast-feeding pain may be eased by small doses of Vicodin, a new study shows. Credit: Getty Br...
The strong painkiller Vicodin may be safe in smaller doses for women nursing newborns.

Does This Formula Make Me Look Fat? Breast-Feeding and Childhood Obesity

Breast-feeding is Weight Watchers for the stroller set. That's if you swallow the hype that breast-feeding "protects" babies in the battle of the bu...Breast-feeding is Weight Watchers for the stroller set. That's if you swallow the hype that breast-feeding "protects" babies in the battle of the bulge.
Free-Range Lenore

Enough With the Breast-feeding Wars!

And we think men are obsessed with breasts? Geez, can we possibly call a time-out on the mom vs. mom breast-feeding wars? The latest skirmish erupt...You know what is truly optimal, when it comes to feeding your baby? Whatever works best for you.
A View From The Homefront

Michelle vs. the Michelles: A Breast-Feeding Throwdown

To celebrate the anniversary of her "Let's Move!" anti-obesity campaign, Michelle Obama is talking up the health benefits of breast-feeding and new ...When it comes to breast-feeding, can't we women put down the gloves and work together?


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