Why Breast Milk Sharing Is Booming Online

Despite a widespread push to breast-feed, the FDA warns against sharing unregulated breast milk. Credit: Getty Eats on...It's hard to imagine today's safety-obsessed moms feeding their children another woman's milk without comprehensive knowledge of where it came from.

Surgeon General Says Americans Should Be More Supportive of Breast-Feeding

Tonya Lewis Lee, wife of Spike Lee, is an advocate for breast-feeding. Credit: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images Add breast-feeding to fightin...The surgeon general is calling on employers to encourage breast-feeding mothers.

What to Do When Breast-Feeding Issues Arise

In the beginning, breast-feeding isn't easy for every mom. Credit: Getty Images Although it's not uncommon for women to initially have ...Use these tips to deal with breast-feeding problems.

Feeding Babies With Formula Could Put Kids at Risk for Obesity

A new study shows baby formula can lead to childhood obesity. Credit: Getty If you're planning on feeding your baby infant formula ra...A new study warns that formula puts kids on a path of obesity.

10 Common Birthing Fears

Keep your eye on the prize. Credit: Corbis Giving birth is a monumental event in a woman's life –- a cause for joy, and, in many ...Freaking out about giving birth? We take on your biggest labor and delivery fears.

Obama Gives National Support to Working Moms Who Breast-Feed

Obama is calling for appopriate accommodations for breast-feeding moms to pump at the office. Credit: Getty It's not easy being a worki...Obama asked the federal government to establish new guidelines for all federal employees, no matter their status.

A Good Night's Breast: Does Breast-Feeding Mean Less Sleep?

Don't stoop to infant formula because you think it might get you more sleep. That's what the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organ...Don't stoop to infant formula because you think it might get you more sleep.

Breast-Feeding Linked to Academic Achievement, Study Finds

New research findings point to breast-feeding as a contributing factor to academic achievement. Credit: Getty Giving your baby the boob...Breast-feeding your baby for at least six months can lead to higher academic achievement.


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