Bullying Parents May Lead Kids to Bully, Study Finds

Parents who are often angered by their kids increase the risk of turning their child into a bully. Credit: Getty Images Want to stop yo...Parents who communicate with their kids are unlikely to raise bullies.

School Nurses May Be Able to ID Bullies

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Nurses aren't only good a fixing scrapes, but now they may be able to fix the bullying issue. Credit: AF...
A hidden world is often recorded in nurses' logs.

Bullying and Being Bullied Start at Home, Study Finds

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Bullies -- and the victims of bullying on the schoolyard -- often experience the same violence at home. ...
Violence at home can cause kids to bully -- or be bullied.

Parents Sue School District After Their 13-Year-Old's Suicide Following Sexting Bullying

A Florida school district is being sued by the parents of an eighth grade student who committed suicide in 2009, after being harassed by classmate...Parents of an eighth grader who committed suicide is now suing the school district.

Bullying Causes Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Study Finds

If mice can feel it, we can, too. Credit: Corbis Looking for clues to what happens to your kid after a mean girl beat down? Mickey, Min...When other mice torment them, rodents get nervous and stressed out, too.

Gay and Lesbian Students Urging Congress to Take Stand Against Bullying

More and more teens are taking the cause to stop gay bullying to Congress. School bullies across the land might want to start collectin...Gay and lesbian students fighting back with legislation and lawsuits.

Parents Turning to Plastic Surgery to Stop Bully Taunts

More and more kids are getting plastic surgery. Credit: AFP/Getty Images Remember kindly Mister Rogers, always reassuring children that...Parents turn to cosmetic surgery as a cure for bullying.

Brave Teen Takes On Bullies on YouTube, Supporters Rally

"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words may save me" could be a new mantra for kids who get bullied and speak out. In a bold and brave...Viral video shows the silent suffering of being bullied.


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