Raising Kids to Be Less Stuff-Centered

Since launching "The Story of Stuff" film and book, some people have accused me of being against stuff. I'm not; in fact I consider myself pro-stu...One of the toughest places to combat excessive consumerism is with today’s kids.

Kneel Before Zod? Most Parents Aren't That Strict, According to Test

You may think they're mean but it turns out, most parents aren't that strict. Credit: Getty Images
"Kneel before Zod!"
Say what you ...
Parents say they want to be strict without being supervillains.

Day Care Centers Cut Off Babies From Breast Milk

Watch a videos on weening your child from breast-feeding.
A lot of day care centers don't provide overnight refrigerated storage. Credit...
If you want your baby to have breast milk, you might want to stay away from Cincinnati.

Co-Sleeping: Is a Family Bed Worth the Safety Concerns?

Watch a video on co-sleeping.
Samantha Van Vleet cuddles with her 6-week-old baby, Averly. Credit: Samantha Van Vleet Sleeping is a g...
The family bed continues to draw controversy.

Children Raised by Grandparents Facing Health Insurance Crisis

Grandparents raising their grandchildren are facing a new challenge in obtaining child-only health insurance. Credit: Corbis With the p...One of the groups being hit hard by the elimination of the child-only insurance policy are children who are being raised by their grandparents.

Use Online Tools to Find Baby Sitter Jobs

Mother's helper. Credit: Getty Images
Babysitting ain't what it used to be.
Once upon a time, you watched the neighborhood ...
Baby sitter seeking work? Use the Web to find potential jobs.

Military Families With Young Kids Face Mounting Child Care Challenges, Study Finds

Military families struggle with early child care, a new survey finds. Credit: Getty It's one thing for most working parents to try to o...Juggling the work/family balance requires the skills of a military strategist.

How to Find or Start Playgroups

Playgroups can help cure a case of cabin fever. Credit: Getty Images
Think you might lose it if your little one asks you to play Candy Land one mo...
Cabin fever, going stir crazy -- whatever you call it -- can be a recipe for disastrous parenting. What you need is a playgroup, because, let's be honest, they're as much for the parents as they are for the kids.


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