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Planning for Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it, and our little ones are counting down the days until school lets out. When that happens, families will hav...When school's out, families have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care.

Is Your Child's School Asking For Too Much Of Your Time?

Are you giving so much of your time that you don't have any left for yourself? Credit: Getty Images
Many moms are being asked to do too much at th...
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no.

ParentDish's 20 Top Educational Toys for Tweens

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Credit: Courtesy of LEGO®
Tweens are great fun. Even when they're yelling at you and explaining in exhausting detail ...
Want your tween to get into a good college so that they can get a good job and move out of your house? Try one of these toys.

ParentDish's 20 Top Educational Toys for Gradeschoolers

Technosource Printies Pets Design Studio. Credit: TechnoSource
The kids grow up so fast, don't they? Seems like only yesterday they were in diaper...
Kids outgrowing their old playthings? Time to clean out the play room to make space for some new and more educational toys.

ParentDish's 20 Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Help your child learn with these toys. Credit: Getty Images
The kids are starting to outgrow the stacking blocks and are even getting tired of...
Shopping for a preschooler? Try one of these fun toys that will actually teach them something.

Fewer Latino Children in Preschool, Study Finds

Without preschool, the education gap between Latinos and their peers starts earlier. Credit: Getty Images
Attendance in preschools for Latino to...
About 35 percent of Latino 4-year-olds attended some type of preschool, while 66 percent of white children and 54 percent of African American children enrolled, the findings show.

'Your Baby Can Read' ... Really?

Many parents want to have all-star children who mark their territory at the head of the class. But if they're spending lots of money to get them...Babies are memorizing, not reading, experts say of Your Baby Can Read kids.

Transitioning to College: Parents Can Help Ease the Process

Parents are often uncomfortable speaking with their college-age children about depression. Credit: Getty Images
As many parents can attest, senior...


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