Lights, Cameras ... But No Videos in the Delivery Room

Some hospitals are banning photos and videos in the delivery room. Credit: Getty New parents who think their infant has the cutest litt...Can't wait to videotape baby's birth? Hold on to that camera. You may not be allowed.

Traveling in the Third Trimester? Consult Your Doctor

Should you travel in the third trimester? Credit: Getty Images Although most healthcare providers recommend that pregna...If you're in your third trimester, talk to your doctor before jetting away on vacation!

A Pregnant Pause: Hypnobirthing Helps Ease the Pain of Childbirth

Throughout her pregnancy, Andrea Page set aside time each day to visualize her upcoming birth and delivery and practice relaxed breathing te...
A growing number of moms-to-be are opting for one of the newest trends to hit the birthing education front: Hypnobirthing.

Hospitals Push for Full-Term Deliveries to Improve Baby's Health

Experts say delivering at full-term can help prevent complications for Mom and baby. Credit: Sam Yeh, AFP/Getty Images Considering an...Anxious to deliver your baby a couple weeks early? Sorry. It's best to wait it out.

Guess Who Shouldn't Be Coming for Dinner: Etiquette Tips for New Baby Visits

Make sure a new mom wants visitors before you head to the hospital. Credit: Getty An offer from friends to deliver dinner following t...Think you'll just pop in on a new mom and her baby? Know the rules of newborn visitations before you do.

Epidural-Related Deaths in Childbirth on the Rise, but Still Rare

A new thing for pregnant women to worry about: complications from epidurals. Credit: Getty Whatever happened to spending nine months in...Women who died from complications from epidurals and spinal blocks during childbirth has risen since the mid-1990s.

C-Sections Rise, Teen Birth Rate Falls in 2008

Teen birth rates are down, but more older women are having babies. Credit: Getty Images Americans had fewer babies in 2008, but more of ...A survey also found that the the number of women between 40 and 49 having babies went up.

Do Birth Plans Help or Hurt Women?

Paint the nursery. Buy the onesies. Write the birth plan. These days, women are encouraged to create birth plans as part of their preparation for ha...You might have a plan, but plan for things to not go according to plan.


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