Can Hypnobirthing Lead to Pain-Free Labor and Delivery?

Would you try hypnobirthing? Credit: Getty
The newest trend to hit the birthing education front is hypnobirthing, a technique that incorporates hy...
You're getting very, very sleepy. You will feel no pain. Now, go deliver that baby.

Scientology's Silent Birth: One Mother's Story

Jamie Bristol with her son, Ethan. Credit: Tom Bristol
On Dec. 6, Ethan Bristol will celebrate his first birthday with a calm, low-key gathering o...
The practice of a silent birth has been making headlines recently with the birth of Benjamin Travolta on Nov. 23. Actor parents Kelly Preston and John Travolta, both Scientologists, announced that they planned to use the childbirth method practiced by the Church of Scientology.

Did Kelly Preston Deliver Her Baby Via Silent Birth?

Did Kelly Preston deliver baby Benjamin in a silent birth? George Pimentel/
Before Kelly Preston and John Travolta welcomed their bab...
What is a silent birth, exactly? The Church of Scientology is clearing up misconceptions.

Live From the Maternity Ward: Birthing Moms Are Primping for Photos

Pedicure? Check. Teeth whitening? Check. Hospital bag? Oh, yeah ... Credit: Getty Images When Lyn Zelnis was packing her hospital bag fo..."Push and smile" has become the mantra of baby mamas, who find their post labor selves splashed across the pages of Facebook or live on YouTube.

Tween Moms Apparently Not All That Uncommon

Please don't let this spark a new MTV reality series. Credit: Getty Images
A 10-year-old gave birth last week in a Spanish hospital, but her mothe...
Imagine missing your child's first day of kindergarten because it's your first day of high school.

What's the Worst Time of Day to Have a Baby?

Are babies born at night at greater risk of dying? Credit: Sam Yeh, AFP/Getty Images
It's not as if an expectant mother can control when her bab...
It's not as if an expectant mother can control when her baby is born, but the time of day a woman gives birth can actually influence her chances of a smooth delivery, according to Dutch researchers.

Opinion: There Is No Such Thing As Birth Rape

Birth plan not going as you hoped? Don't call it rape. Credit: Getty
Being sexually assaulted -- violated against your will by a stranger, lov...
Being sexually assaulted -- violated against your will by a stranger, lover or relative -- is rape, pure and simple. Getting a vaginal exam during the birth process is not rape. Getting a dose of Pitocin to spur the labor process is not rape. Getting a Cesarean section, even thought it wasn't part of your birth plan is definitely not rape. But some disagree.

Scientists Expect C-Section Rate to Keep Rising

C-sections rates have increased by more than half since the mid-1990s. Credit: Getty Images
WASHINGTON (AP) - More women will be giving birth by C...


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