Medical Journal Argues Against Home Births

Some experts say women with high-risk pregnancies shouldn't give birth at home. Credit: Getty Images
"Open up! Baby police! Put your hands above y...

New Guidelines Aim to Reduce Repeated C-Sections

Study finds new ways to avoid C-section Credit: Getty Images
WASHINGTON (AP) - Most women who've had a C-section, and many who've had two, shoul...

Don't Cut the Cord on the Baby Too Soon, Study Warns

Study shows doctors may be clamping umbilical cord too soon. Credit: Getty Images
Some doctors may clamp off the umbilical cord a few minutes af...

Gender Disappointment: When Parents Don't Get The Child They Wanted

Expecting parents who hope for a specific gender -- and then get the opposite -- can go through real feelings of depression and shame. Credit: sally...

Signs of Labor

Knowing the signs of labor can help prepare for delivery. Credit: Getty Images
Knowing the signs of labor can help a pregnant woman feel more co...

Neonatal: Caring for Premature Babies

Premature baby after birth Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
A normal pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. If a baby is born three or more weeks e...

Labor and Delivery: What You Need to Know

Labor and delivery, then hello baby! Credit: Getty Images
Labor and delivery are the final stages of pregnancy when a woman gives birth to a chi...

VBAC: What Is it?

Is a VBAC right for you? Credit: Getty Images
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) refers to the practice of delivering a baby vaginally after a ...


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