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Try This: How Do You Encourage Personal Hygiene in Your Kids?

Many kids put up a fight when it comes to the daunting task of brushing their teeth or taking a bath. It can be a challenge to explain to young...
Many kids put up a fight when it comes to the daunting task of brushing their teeth or taking a bath.

The Chinese Mom Gets Her Just Desserts: Does Strict Parenting Spell Success?

Amy Chua, aka The Chinese Mom, author of "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom," is the woman who rejected her 4-year-old's homemade birthday card because...It's time to treat the Tiger Mom to some of her own medicine. She wants results. I got them.

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Pretend Play Time?

Not all toys have to plug in. Credit: Getty Images Back in the day, "play time" didn't mean "screen time," because there weren't that...Children have so many electronic entertainment options that they may not be getting enough good old fashioned pretend play.
Free-Range Lenore

Teacher Assigns Extra Credit Project for 6th Graders: Grow Up

The sixth graders in Joanna Drusin's English class get a strange assignment every year: If they want to, for extra credit, they can grow up. Oh, sh...A New York City teacher has an unusual extra credit project for her students: Growing up.

When Autistic Son Denied Service Dog, Mom Bites Back

A Florida school district doesn't want any doggone service animals. Credit: Jennifer Hlad/Capital News Service/MCT
What's with the Collier County ...
Every dog has his day? Not in this southwest Florida school district.

Victoria's New Secret: Your 7-Year-Old May Be the New Kid on the Bra Store Block

Girls, they grow up so fast. Too fast. Credit: Getty Images
For parents intent on keeping their little girls, well, just that -- little girls -- w...
Girls are developing breasts earlier than ever.

Watch Your Language: Young Children Unprepared for 'Snark' Attack

Little kids are just so ... literal. Credit: Getty Images
A Republican walks into a bar in Idaho with a frog on his head. Bartender says, "Where'd...
Children can't take sarcasm because they're too little. What's your excuse?

Halloween Crafts: Gruesome Gourd Creatures

Need some Halloween crafts? Scare Halloween revelers with wacky gourd creatures like this creeping critter. Credit: Gina Provenzano
Tired of the s...
Gourds get the ghoul treatment for an easy Halloween craft for kids.


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