Development: Big Kids


You Can Insure Just Your Child ... for a Price

Sorry, kid, no individual insurance policy for you. Credit: Getty Images
Slowly, the man in the pinstripe suit raised the corners of his mouth in ...
Obama administration strike what some call a Faustian bargain with insurance companies, because the devil's in the details.

School Cafeterias to Try Psychology in Lunch Line

The U.S. government is trying new approaches to get kids to choose healthier foods. Credit: Mark Humphrey/AP
Hide the chocolate milk behind the pl...
The government is giving $2 million to food behavior scientists to find ways to use psychology to improve kids' use of the federal school lunch program and fight childhood obesity.

Mad Scientists Launch Plot to Get Kids to Eat More Lima Beans

But lima beans taste just like candy! OK, they don't. Credit: Getty Images
Lima beans? Seriously? Blecch! Sorry kids, but a group of scienti...
Research indicates kids are not getting enough iron from foods they hate to eat.

Kids Less Likely to Have 'Four Eyes,' Study Says

Shades are cool. Prescription eyeglasses? Not so much. Credit: Getty Images
Yes, folks, children with glasses do still get teased and called "Fo...
Specs appeal? Not really. More than half of optometrists say it's appropriate for children to start wearing soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

To avoid injury, have kids take some time off their primary sport throughout the year. Credit: Corbis School is back in full swing, and...School is back in full swing, and for many kids that means sports are, too. While athletics are a great way for kids to get some fresh air, exercise and relieve stress, increasingly they are a source of injury, too.

10 Questions to Ask - or Avoid - at Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Asking questions is the first step to better parent-teacher communication. Credit: Getty Images
Sweaty palms, cotton mouth, the fear of raising ...
Sweaty palms, cotton mouth, the fear of raising your hand ... if teachers and classroom settings made you nervous as a kid, the thought of your next parent-teacher conference might still cause anxiety. Take a deep breath. Knowing what to ask -- and which questions to avoid -- can help calm your fears.

Worried About Your Child's School-Related Anxieties? Here's How to Help

Take your child's concerns seriously. Credit: Getty Images
Most parents anticipate a certain level of back-to-school jitters for our kids, and eve...
By knowing what to expect, parents can help their children deal with worries they might not understand themselves.

From Hip-Hop to Zydeco: A World of Difference in Kid's Music

Whatever genre you want, you can find it in children's music. Illustration: Christopher Healy
Once upon a time, children's music was nothing...
Nowadays, it's hard to find a genre that the family music scene hasn't touched upon, so your child's musical education can be as widely varied as you like.


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