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Colgate Giveaway

Brush. Floss. Repeat daily. Credit : Colgate
We're all for any product that will ease our daily routines, and if that means enticing them with car...

Majority of Ear Infections Don't Require Antibiotics, Study Shows

Should your doctor reconsider the antibiotics? Credit: Getty Images
Your child is fussy, keeps pulling on his ear and is running a fever -- all si...

Baby Sign Language Can Help Your Child Communicate

A baby looks on during a sign language lesson. Credit: Janek Skarzynski, AFP / Getty Images
Most mothers will tell you they can read their baby's ...

Newer Dads More Committed to Parenting Than Those of Past Generations, Study Says

Today's dads are taking a more active role in raising their kids. Credit: Corbis
Today's new dads equate being a good father with "being there, ...

Whooping Cough Not a Disease of the Past; It's Here and Deadly

Health officials say adults who have regular contact with children should get booster shots. Credit: Thomas Lohnes, AFP / Getty Images
Whooping co...

Losing a Breast in a Body-Obsessed Culture

As her tween embarks into womanhood, this breast-cancer surviving mom contemplates the feminine figure. Illustration by Dori Hartley ...

Help Kids Cope With the Stress of Moving

Moving day doesn't have to be a bad experience for kids. Credit: Ken Wramton, Getty Images
Moving. The word can send shivers down the spine of e...

Your Day Care Choice May Have an Impact on Your Child's Later Success in School

A study suggests the kind of day care your child receives as an infant or toddler may affect how he does on academics tests as a teenager. Credit: G...


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