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How to Fight the Colic Baby Blues

Colic affects 25 percent of babies. Credit: Getty Images
Nothing kills the bliss of being a new mother quite like colic, a condition marked ...

Nearly All Children Screened for Hearing Loss, but More Need Follow-Up Care

Ninety-seven percent of infants are now screened for hearing loss, thanks to the establishment of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention [EHDI] pr...

Breastfeeding Longer Could Prevent Mental Health Problems

Breastfeeding isn't always easy. In fact, for some women it can be one of the most difficult and stressful challenges of coping with a newborn. But mo...

Fine Motor Skills: A Timeline

Fine motor skills refers to the coordination of the small muscles of the body. These include the hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, lips and tongue. ...
A View From The Homefront

Have a Sexy Halloween: Lolita Costumes for Young Girls

Every year around this time, moms of young girls and teens go through a relatively new Halloween ritual: Steering our daughters away from the increasi...

World's Tallest Teen More Than 7 Feet Tall

Brenden Adams is over 7 feet tall -- and he's only 13! Credit: ABC News
A 13-year-old Washington State boy was recently named the World's Talle...

Advocates of Breast-Feeding Accuse Formula Co. of Deceptive Marketing

Can some formula make your baby smarter? Maybe not. Credit: curls & crossbones, Flickr
A new study claiming to show a link between DHA-enha...

Tired Teen Drivers Lead to Tragedy on the Road

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy
Over-scheduled and exhausted teens are getting behind the wheel with ser...


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