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Don't Raise Your Hands; You Might Learn More

Pick me! Pick me! Credit: Getty
Show of hands. How many of you think you got a good education? Put your hands down. It was a trick question...

Lack of Attachment to Mom May Cause Early Puberty in Girls

She's a lot younger than she looks. Credit: Corbis
If you're still on the fence about how you feel about attachment parenting, new research find...

Hair Waxing for Tweens: How Young Is Too Young?

Waxing too early can make it difficult for doctors to tell if girls are maturing properly. Credit: Getty Images
Girls can be in such a hurry gro...

Ohio Convert Leaves State Custody as She Turns 18

Rifqa Bary, in court in March, has been released from state custody. Credit: Jay LaPrete, AP
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio judge released a runawa...

More Girls Entering Puberty Early, Study Finds

Girls are maturing earlier than ever. Credit: Getty Images Girl, you'll be a woman soon. Sooner than you thought. A new study find...

Does Obesity Plus Diabetes Equal Learning Disability?

Ever feel like everyone's picking on the fat kid? Childhood obesity is such a national concern, with seemingly everyone -- including first lady M...

14-Year-Old Dutch Sailor Girl Heads Out to Sea

Laura Dekker sets sail for Portugal, where she hopes to begin her solo attempt later this year.Credit: Bas Czerwinski, AP
AMSTERDAM (AP) - She's n...

Pathological Internet Use Linked to Depression in Teens, Study Shows

Your child's depression might be linked to his Internet use. Credit: Corbis
Your teenager seems moody and depressed? Showing all the signs of addi...


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