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Fight Childhood Obesity ... With Pole Dancing

Students perform a routine at a pole-dancing school in Colombia. Credit: Raul Arboleda, AFP / Getty Images
Hey, kids! Are you looking for a way to...

Buzz Kids: Are Coffee Drinks Safe for Children?

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. Has your kid been talking about her new friend Joe? If so, you're not alone. Coffee drinking ...

Young Girls Who Drink Soda Are Less Healthy as Adolescents, Study Shows

Sip safely. Credit: Getty Images
We know soda may not be the most nutritious choice when it comes to beverages, but a recent study shows girls w...

Potato Pancakes Recipe for Any Occasion

It's the food synonymous with weekends and sleep-in days - hot fluffy pancakes. Want to make your favourite Sunday dish healthier by adding veget...

French Toast Fingers Recipe: A Healthy Breakfast Kids Love

French toast is always a big breakfast hit. Slice it into fingers and you have a handy finger food that is sure to grab kids' attention. Here is ...

Weight Loss: Is the Fat Burning Zone Effective?

A father of a 15-year-old girl asked me to meet his daughter so I could discuss her weight-loss training program and make any necessary adjustments....
Safe or Scary

Salt: Safe or Scary?

Should you be worried about your child's salt intake? EraPhernalia Vintage (catching up), Flickr
The latest nutritional bogeyman is partially hydr...

Natural Sweeteners: Safe or Scary?

Sugar is making a comeback, but is that a good thing? Credit: oхέƒx™, Flickr
What is going on with sugar? We're suddenly being inundat...


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