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Math Gender Stereotypes Start as Early as 2nd Grade

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Little boys love trains, toys and math? Credit: Getty/AFP Images Some sobering news for parenta...
Study finds second grade boys identified with math more strongly than girls.

Obama Prods Congress on Education Law Renewal

President Barack Obama speaks at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, Va., Monday, March 14, 2011. WASHINGTON (AP) -...President Barack Obama asked Congress on Monday to rewrite the nation's main education law before the new school year starts in September.

What Would You Do if Your Child's School Closed for Good?

Education is under fire in many states. Credit: Peter Prengaman, AP Imagine you send your child to the public school in your neighborho...With budgets being slashed across the nation, even education is on the chopping block.

Should Letter Grades Be Eliminated?

One Iowa school might ditch letter grades in favor of "standards-based reporting." Credit: Corbis The Des Moines Register reports that ...An Iowa school board has proposed eliminating letter grades in middle school and replace them with "standards-based reporting."

Would You Want Your Child to Be Required to Learn Arabic in School?

Two Texas schools have scrapped their plans for mandatory Arabic classes. Credit: Joseph Barrak, AFP / Getty Images
Studying a foreig...
Two schools in Texas were about to make classes in Arabic language and culture mandatory, but the program is on hold after protests from parents.

How to Prepare for Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Help make parent-teacher conference constructive. Credit: Getty Images We all think our chil...We know you think your little angel is perfect, but if you try to see things from his teacher's perspective, it will make the oft-dreaded parent-teacher meetings much more constructive.
Free-Range Lenore

Mom Behind Bars for Trying to Give Kids a Decent Education

A 40-year-old Ohio mom is heading to jail for trying to sneak her kids into a better school. Kelley Williams-Bolar pretended her two daughters li...She was found guilty of a felony and told that she can forget about finishing up her teaching degree.

What Kids Should Learn From President Obama's State of the Union Address

For many kids, the night a United States President delivers the State of the Union address is the most productive night for homework –- the ...Let the State of the Union speech be a fun civics and history lesson, all taught by you!


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