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Is the Internet Turning Kids Into Terrible Spellers?

Whu sayz yur kidz can't spell? Credit: Getty Images
This is nothing to :) about or LOL over. Time magazine, citing a paper just released by the...
Study reveals kids are stupid, but puts it more politely.

Teaching Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Teach your children about the meaning of Thanksgiving! Credit: Getty Images
Thanksgiving can mean many things: family, turkey, football (not nece...

Surge in South Korean Kids Born in Year of the Golden Pig Causes Kindergarten Crowding

How lucky is the Year of the Golden Pig when kids can't get into kindergarten? Credit: Getty Images
Tradition says babies born during the Year of ...
The year of the Golden Pig babies could mean overcrowding in South Korean kindergartens.

Is Your Child's Classroom Too Crowded?

Sardines or students? Credit: Getty Images
Are there too many kids in your child's classroom? If so, they've got company. School districts in F...
School districts in Florida and New York and across the country are struggling with a growing problem -- too many kids and too few desks

Should We Stop Giving Teachers Tenure?

Are tenured teachers "untouchable?" Credit: Corbis Education is always a hot topic. Right now, teacher tenure is taking a lot of he...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to eliminate tenure, which he says will make it easier to get rid of teachers that are not doing a good job. What do you think?

Parent (Bleep)ing Mad Over Homework With Bad Words

Connecticut parents are outraged when offensive words appear on their kids' homework. Credit: Getty Images You mi...Homework on controversial literature proves, uh, controversial.

Future Teachers Must Show, Not Just Tell, Skills

Professor Susan Gibbs Goetz video tapes her former student, Jasmine Zeppa who teaches her class. Credit: AP
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Standing ...
A new licensing system is being tested in 19 states that includes filming student teachers in their classroom and evaluating the video, also candidates must show they can prepare a lesson, tailor it to different levels of students and present it effectively.

New Jersey Weighs New Bullying Laws After Tyler Clementi Suicide

New Jersey Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Edison),answers a question about a bill they introduced to toughen the state's anti-bullying laws after the widely ...Lawmakers on Monday touted the "anti-bullying bill of rights" targeting public schools and colleges.


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