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American Kids Really Stink at Science, Obama Tells Nation

President Obama said America is trailing other nations when it comes to math and science education in his State of the Union address. Cred...It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize America's not turning out a lot of rocket scientists.

Did You Like What President Obama Said About Education?

Credit: Nicholas Kamm, AFP/Getty Images We've been talking a lot about education on the Chatterbox recently. Perhaps President Obam...
He emphasized the importance of parents in the educational process, saying that "It's family that first instills the love of learning in a child. Only parents can make sure the TV is turned off and homework gets done."

How Involved Are You In Your Child's School?

Are you an involved parent? Credit: Getty Images Parental involvement at school these days has gone way beyond the PTA. At Central Fall...Is increased parental involvement at school a growing trend?

Would You Want the 10 Commandments Displayed at Your Child's School?

Thou shalt not display at school? Credit: Rob Sheridan, Flickr The Giles County School Board in Virginia recently voted to display the ...Is it wrong to display the 10 Commandments, a religious document, at a public school?

Memphis Officials Take Action After Spike in Teen Pregnancy

Prompted by news reports last week that 90 girls at one Memphis high school are pregnant or have had a baby this school year, local officials are laun...Local officials are launching initiatives to stem the tide of teen pregnancy.

Michelle Obama Pens Open Letter to Parents Following Tragedy in Tucson

President Barack Obama embraces wife Michelle Obama at an event honoring the January 8 shooting victims on the University of Arizona campu...In light of the recent Tucson tragedy, Michelle Obama addresses parents nationwide.

New Jersey Town Could Drug Test Middle Schoolers

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders could get randomly tested for drugs. Credit: CBS One New Jersey school district might soon add a new ...A New Jersey school district might soon add a new kind of pop quiz to its middle school curriculum: Random drug testing.

Poll: Most Want Easier Way to Fire Bad Teachers

78 percent think it should be easier for school administrators to fire bad teachers. Credit: Getty Images ATLANTA (AP) - An overwhelmin...An overwhelming majority of Americans are frustrated that it's too difficult to get rid of bad teachers, while most also believe that teachers aren't paid enough, a new poll shows.


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