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How Can I Get My Child to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dear AdviceMama, I am the mother of three children. Our youngest refuses to sleep alone in his own bed. We have tried lying down with him unt...
Be crystal clear that the goal is to help him go to sleep in his own bed and stay there.

Helping Kids Beat Homesickness at Sleep-Away Camp

I visited nine sleep-away camps last summer and talked to a lot of children about their experiences of being away from home. What impressed me was...Ninety-five percent of children experience at least a bit of homesick feelings when they are away from their parents at summer camp.

Annoyed Your Kids Don't Get Along With Your Best Friend's Offspring? Here's How to Make It Work!

Isn't it nice when we all just get along? Credit: Getty Images It's hard enough to find cool people to hang out with, let alone cool pe...Tired of playing police when your kid isn't getting along with others?

Video Chatting and Your Kids

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Unlike regular IM, where kids sometimes talk a big game, you can't be anonymous with video chatting. Credit: AFP/...
Video chatting is gaining in popularity and may bring up some sticky situations for parents.

Alcohol in the Media

Advertisements leave an impression on your children. Credit: Getty Images Don't people have fun in alcohol ads? And they make a big imp...Alcohol in the media makes a big impression on your kids.

Autism Questions Answered by Doctor

Watch a video on detecting signs and symptoms of autism.
Parenting a child with autism raises many questions. Credit: Corbis
As a d...
A doctor and father of a child with autism answers reader's questions.

How to Keep a Lid on Kid Clutter

Our new motto: Always be de-cluttering. Everyone can agree that less clutter makes for a happier household. "I have the tendency to feel claus...Kids are happiest in an orderly home. Have one!
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Computer and Video Games Make My Boys Forget Homework and Even Dinner!

Dear AdviceMama, Once my sons are on the computer or video game, I can't get them to come to dinner or do their homework. They say they aren'...
Can't get your kids to unplug? Take a look at your own tech behavior.


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