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Does It Have to Be a Chore to Get My Daughter to Do Chores?

Dear AdviceMama,
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores? I have tried everything except spanking. I do not belie...
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores?
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My Neighbor's Child Often Hits My Daughter! Help!

Dear AdviceMama, My 3-year-old loves to play with our neighbor's child, but things often fall apart when the other child hits my daughter...
When our child is threatened or harmed by anyone, our instinct is to take action, and that's a good thing.
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'You're the Meanest Mom in the World!'

Dear AdviceMama, My 12-year-old wants to do things that her friends get to do, but I don't think she's old enough and she's furious ... what sh...We need to be our child's parent, and that often means they aren't going to like us, AdviceMama says.

Cheating Goes High Tech

Sixty-nine percent of schools have policies that don't permit cell phone use, but more than half of all kids ignore them. Credit: Getty I...An unintended consequence of technology has been to make cheating easier for students.

Protecting Personal Privacy Online

Digital life is very public and often permanent. Credit: Getty Images Our kids live in a culture of sharing that has forever changed th...If our kids don't protect their privacy, what they do online will create digital footprints that wander and persist.
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Help! My Children's Mother Teaches Our Kids to Cheat and Lie

Dear AdviceMama, My ex-wife, who has primary custody, has created Facebook pages for our 10 and 12-year-old children. The photos make my son look...Your children need and deserve two caring and attentive parents, which requires you to do your utmost to make peace rather than war with their mother, if at all possible.
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Six-Year-Old Daughter Overcome With Anxiety When Faced With Anything New

Dear AdviceMama, Help! We need some advice about our daughter's anxiety. She is 6 years old. Whenever she starts something new (pre-school, kinderg...If you ask your daughter to tell you why she's anxious, and focus on using logic to convince her that there's nothing to be afraid of, you won't get very far.

How to Use Google Safe Search

The facts:
Elementary school-aged children should not be searching online without an adult present or without some filters. Excellen...
Worried about what you kid might find online? Get tips on safer web browsing.


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