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Dr. Jeff Gardere Helps Soon-To-Be Fathers Shape Up on 'Dad Camp'

"America's psychologist" Dr. Jeff Gardere is turning slacker guys into responsible dads. Credit: VH1
How do you turn dudes into dads? Take a...
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My ADD Son Fights With His Brother All the Time

Dear AdviceMama, My wife and I have two boys, 5 and 7. Our younger son -- who is on meds for ADHD -- argues and fights with his brother over anyt...

Planning a Family Roadtrip - Eat, Play, Plan

Plan to bring books or games to make long car trips easier. Credit: Getty Images
Hitting the open road on your next family vacation? We've got som...
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Our 9-Year-Old Daughter Screams, 'You All Hate Me!'

Dear AdviceMama, Our 9-year-old daughter is the picture of sweetness and light when she visits other homes, but at home constantly screams, "Everyb...
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Is Online Gaming A Good Stress Reducer For My Son?

Dear AdviceMama, My 15-year-old son (only child) is an honor student, soccer player, chess player and wants to be a psychologist as a career. Durin...

Deli Meats: Safe or Scary?

Does deli meat make a good lunch? Credit: stu spivack, Flickr Deli meats are not only a staple in most kids' lunchboxes, they're also now thoug...
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Siblings Fight Over Halloween Costumes

Dear AdviceMama: Both my boys insist that the ONLY thing they want to be for Halloween is Wolverine. They came up with the idea on the same day, an...

Making Sick Days Better

It happens to every mom. On the day you're giving a presentation or attending an important event, your child says, Mommy, my tummy feels funn...


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