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Treatments for Autism: What Works, What Doesn't

Watch a video on how autism can be treated.
Credit: Getty Images Moms of kids with autism usually try everything under the sun -- fro...
There's new guidance in the world of autism treatment: While medications can be a mixed bag, behavioral interventions can help -- a lot.

Stop and Listen!

Credit: Andy Kropa/Getty Images
A friend of mine forwarded me the story below, which I found amazing. It reminded me of a time when P...

Dr. Jessica Wu's Top 5 Skin Care Tips

"Feed Your Face" by Jessica Wu. Credit: Jessica Wu
My new book, "Feed Your Face," is a fun and easy guide to getting the best skin of...

Multiple Concussions in High School Athletes Linked to Lasting Health Issues

Study shows that high school athletes who experience head trauma show signs of "post-concussion syndrome." Credit: Wade Payne, AP Rep...Repeated concussions suffered by college and professional athletes have been a growing concern in recent years because of their potential long-term impact on the brain. Now a study finds that the damage may begin much earlier -- in high school.

Maternal Ambivalence: Dr. Barbara Almond Discusses the 'Hidden Side of Motherhood'

Dr. Barbara Almond tackles the topic of maternal ambivalence in "The Monster Within." Book cover design and illustration: Lia Tjandra
Do you suspect that you don't have the maternal instinct? You're not alone.

Chilean Miners and Their Families Need Time to Grieve, Regroup

Miner Franklin Lobo, right, embraces his daughter Carolina after he was rescued on Oct. 13.Credit: Gabriel Ortega/Chilean government/AP ...The whole range of emotions these 33 men and their families have experienced since the mine collapsed can be likened to a "really long holding of the breath," says Susan Stiffelman, ParentDish's AdviceMama.

Pregnant? Get Your Flu Shot!

Don't avoid the needle, moms-to-be. Credit: ZaldyImg, Flickr
If you're expecting, be sure you're first in line to get a flu shot this year. ...
Why should you get it? Last year's H1N1 outbreak brought to light how hard the flu can hit pregnant women, and new research indicates that immunity is passed down to your baby.

Schools Are Doing Less Nitpicking Over Head Lice

Hey, parents -- your child with lice doesn't have to stay home! Um, sorry, teachers. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
We al...
Case of head lice? Stop itching and get back to school!


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