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Should My Ex's Fiancee Post Photos of My Daughter on Her Facebook?

Dear AdviceMama, I am a newly divorced mom with custody of my child. My daughter rarely sees her dad, so she was happy to have shared the weeken...

Dr. Jeff Gardere Helps Soon-To-Be Fathers Shape Up on 'Dad Camp'

"America's psychologist" Dr. Jeff Gardere is turning slacker guys into responsible dads. Credit: VH1
How do you turn dudes into dads? Take a...
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My ADD Son Fights With His Brother All the Time

Dear AdviceMama, My wife and I have two boys, 5 and 7. Our younger son -- who is on meds for ADHD -- argues and fights with his brother over anyt...
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Should My Ex Have His Girlfriend Around Our Children?

Dear AdviceMama, My husband and I are currently in the divorce process and have two young children together. My ex is still seeing the last woman h...
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Our 9-Year-Old Daughter Screams, 'You All Hate Me!'

Dear AdviceMama, Our 9-year-old daughter is the picture of sweetness and light when she visits other homes, but at home constantly screams, "Everyb...
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How Can I Get My Husband to Help?

Dear AdviceMama, My husband and I both work long days. After work, four nights a week, I go to school so I don't come home until about 9 pm. That l...

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money Troubles

Be honest and open when discussing financial hardships. Credit: pfala, Flickr
Very few families are immune to the problems that come with a diffic...

Deli Meats: Safe or Scary?

Does deli meat make a good lunch? Credit: stu spivack, Flickr Deli meats are not only a staple in most kids' lunchboxes, they're also now thoug...


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