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The Name Lady

Should I Choose a Name My Husband Hates?

I have loved the name Sloan since I heard it about three years ago and immediately knew that's what I would name my daughter. My husband has never l...

Say What?! ParentDish Team Comes Clean on Cursing

You kiss your mother with that mouth? Illustration by Christopher Healy
Recently, we met a woman who revealed to us her best-kept parenting secr...
Ask AdviceMama

Help! I Lost Our Home and I'm Feeling Overwhelmed!

Dear AdviceMama, How do you keep the upper hand when you are a single parent raising three kids in today's economy? I lost my house and we had to...
Ask AdviceMama

An Ex is Really Never an Ex ... When Children are Involved

Us Magazine is reporting that Bristol Palin and her baby's daddy, Levi Johnston are "back on," with Bristol announcing, "Levi and I are turning...
Ask AdviceMama

Help! My Sister's Wild Kids Are Coming to Visit!

Dear AdviceMama, My sister, a single mom, is coming to visit this summer for 10 days, and her children are really a handful. They have awful tab...
Ask AdviceMama

Should My Ex's Fiancee Post Photos of My Daughter on Her Facebook?

Dear AdviceMama, I am a newly divorced mom with custody of my child. My daughter rarely sees her dad, so she was happy to have shared the weeken...
Ask AdviceMama

Should My Ex Have His Girlfriend Around Our Children?

Dear AdviceMama, My husband and I are currently in the divorce process and have two young children together. My ex is still seeing the last woman h...
The Name Lady

Is He Name-Flirting?

My formal name is Christine. My friends all call me Chris. I like the name Christine, but I'm use to being called Chris. I have a male interest at w...


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