Expert Advice: Pregnancy


Wait it Out: Babies Born Before 39 Weeks Face Health Risks, Experts Warn

Credit: Getty Images You plan your work schedules, your vacations, your children's playdates, your weekend entertainment and pretty muc...More women are scheduling their baby's birth early, but doctors say that can be harmful to the infant.

Pregnancy Announcements: Surprise the Grandparents

As you plan to make your big pregnancy announcement, you may wonder about timing. Credit: Corbis Pregnancy announcements are a fun way ...While a phone call will suffice, consider these creative ways to let the new grandparents know that you're expecting.

Morning Sickness Excercise Video for Your First Trimester

This instructional exercise video can help alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. So, move the furniture, grab a yoga mat...This instructional exercise video can help alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to Choose a Great Middle Name

No sooner had we declared the death of such old-style middle names as Ann, John and Marie -- mere connective tissue between the first name and the las...Don't stick your baby with a bland, boring middle name.

Even an Occasional Drink Early in Pregnancy Can Cause Premature Birth, Study Shows

A new study may cause you to rethink drinking while you're pregnant. Credit: Getty Images Step away from the chardonnay. The debat...Step away from the chardonnay.

In Japan, Pregnant Women at Increased Risk for Radiation Exposure, Experts Warn

The risk for radiation poisoning is concerning for pregnant women. Credit: Getty Images For now, experts say the radiation coming from ...The risk of radiation poisoning could be more of a concern for pregnant women.

10 Common Birthing Fears

Keep your eye on the prize. Credit: Corbis Giving birth is a monumental event in a woman's life –- a cause for joy, and, in many ...Freaking out about giving birth? We take on your biggest labor and delivery fears.

In Vitro Fertilization Works Better in the Spring, Study Suggests

Could be that spring is a better time to grow babies, too. Credit: Getty Images
In the spring, they say, a young man's fancy lightly turns to th...
According to a study presented Sept. 14 at the World Congress of Fertility and Sterility in Munich, Germany, in vitro fertilization rates were found to be highest in the spring (73.5 percent) versus the winter (67.9 percent), summer (68.7 percent) or fall (69 percent).


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