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A Soda Substitute for Teens, from Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz reveals a healthy soda substitute for teenagers.
Don't miss from Marlo Thomas and Dr.Oz: You Don't Need All That Water, from Dr....
Dr. Oz reveals a healthy soda substitute for teenagers.
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My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Dear AdviceMama, What can I do about my children's sibling rivalry? They fight all the time! Signed, Exasperated Mom Dear Exasperated,...When siblings cannot negotiate disagreements without hurting one another parents need to take action.

Getting Braces: When to Bring Kids to the Orthodontist

Some kids look forward to getting braces; they see it as a sign of growing up and love picking out colored rubber bands. But, after they've been brace...When is the right time for your kid to get braces? Watch this video and find out!

The Most Dangerous Game: Young Athletes Taking Energy Boosters

Boost or bust? Credit: Getty Images When an 11-year-old patient developed an irregular heartbeat after eating what he told me was "cand...Children are being exposed to exceptionally high levels of stimulants, all in an attempt to improve performance.

Teach Your Kids How to Use Creative Media Tools Responsibly

Even if kids think what they post is private, nothing is guaranteed. Credit: Getty Images Great technology not only gives kids tools to...Great technology not only gives kids tools to create, but it also empowers and inspires them.

Video Chatting and Your Kids

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Unlike regular IM, where kids sometimes talk a big game, you can't be anonymous with video chatting. Credit: AFP/...
Video chatting is gaining in popularity and may bring up some sticky situations for parents.

Cheating Goes High Tech

Fifty-two percent of 13- to 17-year-olds admit to some form of cheating involving the Internet. Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc, Getty Images...Cell phones and the Internet offer new opportunities for cheating.

Setting Computer Limits for Kids

Can your child enjoy himself –- and all those things that aren't online -– when he's away from the computer? Credit: Getty Ima...If your children spend a large amount of time at the computer, you may wonder, are they addicted or do they simply enjoy being online?


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