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How to Nip Digital Drama in the Bud

Getting your kids away from media shouldn't be an ordeal. Credit: Corbis "Turn off the TV!" "No more Club Penguin!" "No Facebook 'til y...Cell phones, TV shows, video games and the Web often create standoffs between kids and parents.

Alcohol in the Media

Advertisements leave an impression on your children. Credit: Getty Images Don't people have fun in alcohol ads? And they make a big imp...Alcohol in the media makes a big impression on your kids.

Gaming and Your Kids

Kids love getting their game on. Credit: Getty Images Never before have kids spent so much time (and money) gaming. Some gaming encoura...How do you know if video games are OK for your kids to play?

Autism Questions Answered by Doctor

Watch a video on detecting signs and symptoms of autism.
Parenting a child with autism raises many questions. Credit: Corbis
As a d...
A doctor and father of a child with autism answers reader's questions.
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Does It Have to Be a Chore to Get My Daughter to Do Chores?

Dear AdviceMama,
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores? I have tried everything except spanking. I do not belie...
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores?
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My Daughter Is Sassy! What Should I Do?

Dear AdviceMama, My daughter is almost 12 years old. She is very good about doing what I ask, but sometimes she responds to me in a disrespect...
AdviceMama gives some tips on how to handle a tween with a 'tude.

Managing Exposure to Violent Media

Not everything they watch contains sunshine and giggles. Credit: Getty Images Ask your kids to tell you about a violent scene in a TV s...Studies show that exposure to lots of media violence affects kids' behavior.

Illegal Downloads: When Sharing Becomes Stealing

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Today's technology makes it much easier to get and give away copyrighted material illegally. Credit...
Today's technology makes it easy to get and give away copyrighted material illegally.


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