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Best Road Trip Apps

Long car rides can make children antsy - ease their pain with these apps! Credit: Getty Images
Road trips can be a time of family bonding and also an opportunity for whining -- these apps can help with both.
Wheels on the Bus ...
Your kid probably gets pretty antsy on those long car rides. Here are a few road trip apps to keep them entertained!

Some 50 Million People Taking Dads Out to Eat for Father's Day

The National Restaurant Association predicts about 50 million will take dad out to eat on Father's Day. Credit: Corbis
Taking your dad out for brunch or dinner on Father's Day?
Make a reservation or get there early. Some 50 million ...
Restaurant industry braces for a lot of diners this Father's Day.

Dear Dad: Thinking About Karma on Father's Day

Sid Biberman and his granddaughter, Lucy. Credit: Matthew Biberman I am a father and I am a son. My father, Sid, lives with me and has since 2001. Back then, I was 34 and deeply resented this turn of events. People I knew assumed that ...This year it will be different. This year, Lucy will wake up on Father's Day in her mother's apartment.

Dear Dad: Blue Collar Pop Taught Son How Work Gets Done

Paddy Loughran was a proud union man. Courtesy of Rob Loughran Before "blue collar" became synonymous with a comedy tour or an adjective for ESPN announcers to describe how hard pampered millionaires play professional sports, it meant ...Paddy Loughran, immigrant from Cookstown, County Tyrone, North Ireland, lived to work.

Celebrating Fathers' Day, Plural

On Sunday, my household will observe a holiday that is somehow universal and statistically rare all at once: Fathers' Day. Note the location of the apostrophe, indicating the plural possessive form, which is to say two dads but only one day. W...For this family, Father's Day means two dads, one holiday.

Celebrate Dad's Quirks this Father's Day

Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift? Our friend Amy Preiser at Shelterpop appeared on ABC 7 to show off unique gift ideas that dad is sure to love. Like what you see? Click here to check out Shelterpop's full gift guide! ...Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift?

Skyrocketing Food Prices Leave Poor Moms Hungry

Vo Thi Quan, 44, cooks for her family dinner with vegetables in her house in Thuan Thanh, Long An province, Vietnam. Credit: AP THUAN THANH, Vietnam (AP) - Vo Thi Quan's chopsticks needle deftly between two simple Vietnamese dishes siz...As world food prices surge to the highest levels ever recorded due to a combination of production constraints and rising demand from expanding middle classes, many poor families teeter on the edge, and it is the mothers who often quietly bear the brunt.

How to Play: Siamese Gift Wrap

Wrap it up! Credit: mattbuck4950, Flickr
What you need: Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows and presents or empty boxes.
How to play: Pair up players, and let them know that they will be competing against each other, two pairs at a...
The pair with the best-wrapped present wins.


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