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Dosing Kids with Drugs to Shut Them Up is Child Abuse, Study Says

Does your kid really need that dose of cough medicine? Credit: Corbis
Many over-the-counter allergy and cold medications may cause drowsiness. ...

The New BYOB: Nursing Parties Help New Moms Breast-Feed

This party is about boobs, not booze. Credit: Getty Images
It's not the BYOB party you're used to. In fact, there's no alcohol at all. BYOBoobz pa...

New Guidelines Aim to Reduce Repeated C-Sections

Study finds new ways to avoid C-section Credit: Getty Images
WASHINGTON (AP) - Most women who've had a C-section, and many who've had two, shoul...

In-Vitro Babies Show (Slightly) Higher Risk for Cancer

Research shows invitro babies may be at higher risk of birth defects. Credit: Stefan Wermuth, AFP/Getty Images
Many people feared "test tube bab...

Colgate Giveaway

Brush. Floss. Repeat daily. Credit : Colgate
We're all for any product that will ease our daily routines, and if that means enticing them with car...

Majority of Ear Infections Don't Require Antibiotics, Study Shows

Should your doctor reconsider the antibiotics? Credit: Getty Images
Your child is fussy, keeps pulling on his ear and is running a fever -- all si...

Research: Give Babies Some Cow's Milk

Milk -- It does a body good. Credit: Getty Images
For all the virtues of breast-feeding, it might be a good idea to give babies just a little bit...
Dish Picks

Ready ... Aim ... Frost! Get Fancy With Frosting Decorating Pen

Frost-eriffic! Credit: Sur La Table
If, like most of us, you're more Julie than Julia in the kitchen, you may need some help making those home-b...


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