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Kids' Music Roundup: A Slew of New Family CDs

There have been so many new kids' music albums released in the past couple of months that it's hard to narrow down our picks to just a handful. But, h...Here are some of the best, most noteworthy new music releases for your wee ones' next impromptu dance party.

How to Play: Musical Hearts

Have my heart. Credit: Getty Images What you need: You need paper hearts, music, and small pri...For this game, you need paper hearts, music, and small prizes like candy and stickers.

Date Night In: Fun Ways to Include the Kids

Spend time with the kids on your date night in. Credit: Getty Images OK, so it's not a five-star restaurant or a Broadway play. But if ...If you can't find a babysitter or you're feeling a bit pinched for money, at-home date nights can be fun and romantic -- even if the kids tag along.

Five Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Winter

Make cookies for a cookie swap. Credit: Getty Images This year, when Dec. 21 rolls around, why not celebrate the first day of winter wi...Why not celebrate the first day of winter with fun activities that can become your family's tradition?

Do You Monitor Your Children's Internet Usage?

What are your kids checking out online? Credit: Getty Images
Kids are getting online earlier and earlier. When our little ones are still very li...
Kids are getting online earlier and earlier, so are you keeping an eye on their web browsing?

Teaching Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Teach your children about the meaning of Thanksgiving! Credit: Getty Images
Thanksgiving can mean many things: family, turkey, football (not nece...

How to Find or Start Playgroups

Playgroups can help cure a case of cabin fever. Credit: Getty Images
Think you might lose it if your little one asks you to play Candy Land one mo...
Cabin fever, going stir crazy -- whatever you call it -- can be a recipe for disastrous parenting. What you need is a playgroup, because, let's be honest, they're as much for the parents as they are for the kids.

How to Play: Spooky Walk

Print pictures of Halloween images to play. Credit: rkramer62, Flickr
What you need: A box, creepy Halloween music and cut-outs or printouts o...
Halloween pictures replace seats in this holiday version of musical chairs!


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