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Comedian Wendy Liebman on How She Met Her Husband

Good comics don't only deliver laughs in their stand-up routines -- some of the smarter ones save their best material for their sit-down interviews....The funny woman tells Marlo Thomas how she met her honey.

Boy Delivers Motivational Speech After Learning to Ride His Bike

We adore this little boy, who gives hope to any kid who has ever failed at riding a bike with an inspirational speech to rival the best rhetoric out t...In perhaps the most inspirational address since Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I had a dream" speech, this little boy gives hope to any kid who has ever failed at riding a bike.

Video: Bert Interviews Andy Samberg for 'Sesame Street'

When "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg isn't making hilarious videos for grown-ups with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, he's making hilario..."Conversations with Bert" delves deep into the actor's psyche.

Need a Celeb Baby Name? Gary Busey Can Deliver

Isabella? So common. Jacob? Snoozeville. It's basically a requirement for celebrities to give their babies bizarre names. Mariah Carey and Nick...Forget Moroccan and Monroe. The new hot name: Papaya Aquarium.

Kathie Lee Tries Out the Breast Milk Baby Doll on 'Today'

We wrote about the Breast Milk Baby back in March -- you remember, the doll that sucks and cries for kids who want to practice breast-feeding. ...
Andy Samberg also gives the breast-feeding doll a whirl.

A Compendium of Mother Warning Phrases

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd take a look at one of the most important and oft-used tools in any mom's arsenal: the warning phrase. Don't...What's your mom warning style? Don't make me ask you again!

Kids Answer: What Do Parents Really Do at Work?

On April 28, AOL celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day in a big way to show kids that work is not just a mythical place where people in suit...Our 7-year-old adorable reporter asks kids what they think their parents do at work. The answers are hilarious!

Lullaby and Goodnight, Now 'Go the F@#! to Sleep'

For those nights when "hush, little baby" just doesn't cut it. Credit: Amazon When "nighty-night" or "hush, little baby" just aren't he...When "nighty-night," or "hush, little baby" just aren't cutting it.


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