Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

When it comes to baby showers, mom seems to be the one who is showered in gifts. But, dad deserves presents too. These dads from DadLabs asked around ...When it comes to baby showers, mom seems to be the one who is showered in gifts. But, dad deserves presents too.

Best Road Trip Apps

Long car rides can make children antsy - ease their pain with these apps! Credit: Getty Images Road trips can be a time of family bondi...Your kid probably gets pretty antsy on those long car rides. Here are a few road trip apps to keep them entertained!

Celebrate Dad's Quirks this Father's Day

Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift? Our friend Amy Preiser at Shelterpop appeared on ABC 7 to show off unique gift ideas that dad is...Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift?

Computer Games Good for Kids' Brains, Researchers Say

The folks at Nintendo are promoting games that stimulate the mind and improve children's IQs. Credit: Getty Images Scientists say certa...Some computer games may boost kids' working memories, improve their grades.

Father's Day Gifts: From Beer to Boots to the 'Big Lebowski,' Ideas for All Types of Dads

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've come up with a list of some seriously cool gift ideas for every type of dad. Get pops a little somethi...Show your dad a little love with these great gift ideas.
Dish Picks

SweetSeat Booster Chair

The SweetSeat is just so sweet! Credit: SweetSeat There comes a time in the lives of most children when they will refuse to sit in a hi...Give your kids a boost with this stylish mealtime chair.
Dish Picks


Play baby music really, really early on with Bellybuds. Credit: Some moms-to-be want their growing babies to get a head s...Play your baby your favorite tunes -- or your mate's voice -- with these safe headphones.
Dish Picks

HippMama Tool Belt

Look, ma, no hands! Credit:
When you're a busy mom with a young baby, you pretty much always can use another hand.
Keep everything close at hand with this tool belt for moms.


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