Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie: Papa and the Small Bikini

When did I become such a prude? This was the question when Diva and I opened the box of summer clothes sent by a relative -- and I saw the teenie...Too many bikinis don't just say "big girl" -- they say "adult woman."
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The new website reCrib brings buyers and sellers of items for kids and babies together. Credit: Having to spend a lot of...Find gently used gear for kids and babies at this website.

Summer Fun and Games: You Could Be Your Kid's Favorite Toy

Most children would do anything to have their busy parents get on the floor and play with them, especially in their early years. Credit:...Playing with your child this summer could mean lots of fun for both of you.
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Peaceable Kingdom Quick Sticker Kits

Decorate cute animal purses with stickers. Credit: Peaceable Kingdom Whether you've got a road trip on the agenda, or just need a...For $5 bucks, these sticker kits will keep kids entertained for hours.

Suspense Writer James Patterson Takes on Middle School Set

Credit: Amazon
James Patterson's books often deal with murder, mayhem and the truly dark corners of human experience.
In his latest...
James Patterson embarks on mission to get kids to read.
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Trunki by Melissa & Doug

Luggage you can ride on? Oh, yeah. Credit: July is the heart of family travel time -- which, while extremely fun,...Part suitcase, part riding toy, the Trunki will make travel fun -- and easier on you!

Setting Screen Limits: Top 3 Tips

Credit: Corbis
Not all screens are created equal
* Kids spend nearly 7.5 hours per day with media. * Balancing media usage is...
Kids as young as 8 are spending nearly 7.5 hours per day consuming media.
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GeoPalz Activity Tracker

Start stepping! Credit: Who said using a pedometer was just for parents? Kids need exercise, too, and the GeoPalz Activity...


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