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New Rules to Cut Confusion on Sunscreen Claims

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Devon Garrison plays in the pool at the clubhouse of his sub-division in Montgomery, A...
Under new rules published Tuesday, sunscreen will also have to protect against the more penetrating ultraviolet A rays associated with skin cancer.

What to Buy Teachers for an End of the Year School Gift

What teacher gifts will make the grade? Credit: Getty Images School is nearly out -- and the annual hunt for the perfect end-of-year te...School is nearly out -- and the annual hunt for the perfect end-of-year teacher gift is on.

GPS Tracking: Should Your Teens Use Location Services?

Do you know where your children are? Foursquare does! Credit: AP Location apps change the game by identifying your physical location: ...These programs bring up two big issues: safety and privacy.

Kids May Be Overdosing on Prescription Meds, Report Says

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Know what, and how much your kids are taking. Credit: Getty Images Your child...
Researchers suggests pain meds for kids may be too heavy.

Giveaway: Pinkalicious Prize Pack

Credit: Victoria Kann, Harper Collins Looking for a magical book to read to your little princess? How about Silverlicious, the newest b...We are giving three winners a copy of "Silverlicious" from the Pinkalicious series and everything else your princess needs to bring the story off the page and into real life.
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Japan Relief T-Shirt Round-Up

Watching the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan makes us want to open our hearts -- and maybe our wallets -- to help. And, with so many ...Just because your baby can't walk yet, doesn't mean he can't make a difference, too. We rounded up our favorite Japan relief kids t-shirts and baby onesiez.

Kids, Vote Now for Your Favorite Children's Books

Vote now for your favorite Children's Books. Credit: Amazon Hamsters, monsters, lunch ladies, vampires and zebrafis...These awards allow kids to vote for their favorite books.

Giveaway: Flip MinoHD Video Camera!

The new Flip MinoHD can fit in your pocket! Credit: Flip Video How many times a day do your kids do something hilarious or adorable ...We are giving away three Flip MinoHD video cameras so that you can capture your kids at their finest moments and share them with the world!


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