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New Blood Test for Autism Seems to be On the Way From Dr. Manny

Credit: Alex Livesey, Getty Images On June 9, we commented on a scientific study that proved that autism in children can be caused by a...Despite the countless studies that have been done on autism and it's dramatically growing numbers, there are still many people who don't believe in the reality of the autism spectrum.

How to Prevent and Treat Poison Ivy

There's nothing more irritating than a skin rash to set your summer activities back. Poison Ivy is among the most common skin rashes to get while play...There's nothing more irritating than poison ivy to set your summer activities back.

Special Dogs Track Allergens to Keep Kids Safe

In this Sunday, May 29, 2011 photo, Jeff Glazer waits with his allergy-sniffing dog, Riley, to sweep a ball field before his game in Middl...Many people nationwide are turning to allergy-sniffing service dogs who accompany their handlers in everyday activities.

Pesticides on Playing Fields

Chemical lawn treatments can linger for many days before the weather and sun begin to dilute their potency. Credit: Corbis By Deirdre I...As kids hit the fields the summer, make sure they're safe from pesticides!

App for Mobile Phones Helps Diagnose Concussions

Credit: Eric Risberg
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - The next tool in the campaign against concussions might be your smartphone.
A concussi...
If your kid plays a sport, you might want to download this app.

Saving Precious Skin: Summer Skin Safety

Author Jill Kargman, mother of three and skin cancer survivor, talks to Dr. Manny about how she protects her kid's skin. Watch the latest video at ...Author Jill Kargman, mother of three and skin cancer survivor, talks to Dr. Manny about how she protects her kid's skin.

ERs Attract Kids With Mental Problems

A number of emergency room visits are for mental reasons. Credit: Corbis Give kids access to mental health services, and they still bri...At least 71 percent of the kids who came to the E.R. with psychological problems already had their own mental health provider.

Hearing Problems Detected in Kids With a Little Bit of Spit

Hearing problems can now be detected through saliva. Credit: Getty
Spit happens.
Don't knock it. You can learn a lot from a little b...
New study could lead to widespread testing of newborns for hearing problems.


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